what is CRAiLAR fiber?

Is CRAiLAR a process?

Is CRAiLAR a fiber?

Is CRAiLAR a brand?

The answer to all of the above is yes.

CRAiLAR’s expertise begins with planting the seed in the ground and continues with every aspect of the production chain.  Whether it is from “dirt to shirt” or “field to fabric” we have spent decades working to ensure that CRAiLAR fibers are unmatched in the industry.

Once the plants have been harvested the fiber is mechanically stripped from the stem. This raw fiber is rough and tough and definitely not something you would want to wear or use. The fiber is then transformed via our proprietary CRAiLAR process into a soft and fluffy fiber made up of thousands of individualized bast fibers that while they resemble cotton in feel and appearance outperform cotton on almost every level.

When you see the CRAiLAR brand on a product, that’s your assurance that it contains CRAiLAR fiber. The company that has chosen to use our fiber is demonstrating their commitment to offering you not only an environmentally responsible product, but one that provides enhanced performance and value.