how can it be used?

CRAiLAR is a remarkable ‘ingredient’ fiber that can add significant performance and sustainability benefits to both textile and non-woven applications while running on existing manufacturing platforms. This allows for easy, ‘seamless’ integration with your existing processes.


From industrial wipes, to mop heads, to felted items like insoles CRAiLAR can be used in a wide variety of non-woven applications, including; dry laid, needle punched and hydro entangled. In non-woven applications, CRAiLAR is typically the main/primary ingredient.


Strong yet soft, CRAiLAR fiber is well suited for denim, outerwear, footwear, toweling and upholstery. It can be blended successfully with a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers.

In textile applications CRAiLAR fiber would generally be blended in ratios of 20-40% with other fibers like cotton, tencel, wool, etc.