how can it be used?

BFTi fibre is a remarkable ‘ingredient’ fiber that can add significant performance and sustainability benefits to both textile and non-woven applications while running on existing manufacturing platforms. This allows for easy, ‘seamless’ integration with your existing processes.


BFTi’s performance enhanced fibres seamlessly replace synthetic and man-made regenerated cellulose (viscose) in the single use nonwoven market. The singleuse nonwoven markets include foodservice wipes, baby wipes, medical disposables, and industrial cleaning wipes and are dominated by synthetic and semi-synthetic fibres that are major contributors to micro plastic contamination in soil and water.

These s incumbent fibres have a very poor environmental track record and are major contributors to micro-plastic soil and water contamination. BFTi’s fibres are comparable with these synthetic fibres while also exhibiting enhanced performance in areas including tensile strength, absorbency, and loft. In addition, BFTi’s fibres are compostable and biodegradable and do not contribute to microplastic ocean contamination.


BFTi’s IP protected fibres are also ideally suited for traditional spun yarn applications. Our fibres blend well with other textile fibres (cotton, wool, polyester, Lyocel, etc) and can be spun on all yarn spinning platforms.

Home furnishings, denim, towels, footwear and many other textile categories can benefit from even a minority blend of BFTi’s fibres.